School’s Out Childcare is a Washington State licensed childcare facility that provides on-site child care before and after school at all three Northeast Tacoma Public Elementary School sites.

We have been providing childcare at both Brown’s Point and Northeast Tacoma Elementary Schools since 1993 and have been providing care at Crescent Heights Elementary School since it was opened in 1999. We currently offer childcare on-site at Crescent Heights Elementary and Northeast Tacoma Elementary schools. Tacoma Public Schools provides bus service for Brown’s Point Elementary students between Brown’s Point and Crescent Heights.

Contact Raney Dhillon at: 253-678-9020 or by email for more information or to enroll your child in full time, part time or occasional care. Alternately, parents may enroll children by contacting the School’s Out site coordinator for the elementary location or by visiting in person before school or after 3:45pm.

Our Program:

School’s Out is on-site so children in our care can stay in a familiar environment and take advantage of programs offered by their school such as classes, clubs or activities without parents needing to miss work or arrange carpools.

Children in our care receive time for homework, nutritional snacks and time to play with friends in a relaxed and fun environment.

Our experienced staff members plan fun activities and crafts every day that take advantage of the large indoor and outdoor spaces available. Children are able to choose from many different activities that are available and float from one activity to another in a relaxed, happy atmosphere.

We serve good, nutritious snacks both before and after schools. Quiet times are provided for homework with staff available to help. We offer children a variety of arts, crafts and activities as well as toys, games, puzzles, books, building materials, and balls. Children are encouraged to initiate their own activities. Children can get involved in dramatic play, acting, puppets, clubs, camps and many other interesting adventures.

In addition to our fun and entertaining environment, the children are helped to get along socially and to deal with their emotions and problem solving skills. These skills are useful for their entire lives. We encourage open communication between children, the parents, and ourselves and we value your input.

The best thing our program has to offer is our great staff with extremely low turnover.